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What it is? 

Danish Darling- Small to Medium Length. These 3D falsies are made with a unique cross pattern with a mixture of short and long lashes. Perfect for regular users and lash lovers. 

What it does? 
Danish Darling - gives you natural look for everyday wear. These lashes are meant to be applied on your lids.

How is the lash band made?
This lash band is made with a delicate cotton-thread band for not only an easy application but for all-day comfort.

How many times can you wear each lash?
Our lashes are designed to be used 15-20times. However, each client will achieve a different amount of usages out of our lashes.

How are these lashes sold? 
These lashes are sold individually as strip lashes.

Are these lashes sold with the glue? 
Our lashes are sold without any glue.

How to take care of these lashes? 
See our tips and tricks tab on the homepage

Best fit for these eyes: 
Almond, Asian, Close-set, Deep-Set, Down Turned, Hooded, Prominent, WIde-set. 

What else you need to know? 

Miss Jass 3-D faux-mink lashes are made from cutting-edge, ultra-thin and soft signature synthetic fibers and are handcrafted in stunning, natural patterns. Our lashes are lifelike, lightweight, and luxurious-feeling as mink but non-fur and vegan. Our lashes are hypoallergenic and are not chemically processed. They are safe for contact wearers and sensitive skin. 

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